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Mindfully Moving Forward: Our 2020 Anti-Racism Action Plan

Updated: July 20, 2020


Over the last month, we have connected with community members and employees to create space for challenging, illuminating, and necessary conversations about racism, particularly as it applies to wellness. Drawing on our yoga and meditation practices for support, we have embarked on the important process of unlearning, listening, and relearning. We are deeply committed to leading positive and lasting change in the wellness industry and we are now ready to mindfully move forward and take action.

Our CEO and senior leadership team, together with our newly established People & Culture Team and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Taskforce, are actively developing a more inclusive, equitable and action-driven company culture, which will inform and impact all of our next steps, both internal and external. One of the team’s first orders of business was to create our 2020 Anti-Racism Action Plan, which provides a road map for us to stay engaged and act in mindful allyship in our commitment to anti-racism. 

Our action plan is just the start of our ongoing work to be self-reflective as a company and evaluate how we can better show up in service for the community. We are inspired to connect with our hearts, the hearts of others, and the hearts of movements that are committed to long-term cultural change.

Our 2020 Anti-Racism Action Plan lays out our ongoing commitment to anti-racism and supporting meaningful change in the wellness industry. Its seven pillars are as follows:


Redefine Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for our Team

  • In June 2020, we established a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Taskforce.
  • In July 2020, we performed an Internal Diversity Audit to understand our baseline.  
  • By December 2020, we will have created an external Advisory Board designed to offer insights, feedback, and ideas to further our overarching corporate commitment to continuous improvement.


Offer Mandatory Company-Wide Anti-Racism Training

  • By October 2020, our team will participate in company-wide training on anti-racism, diversity and inclusion, and intersectionality.
  • By December 2020, members of our Senior Leadership Team will participate in a multi-module, anti-racism course on leading for diversity, inclusion and equity to better be able to support the needs of our team and the needs of our community.


Strengthen our Respect in the Workplace Policies

  • By August 2020, we will update our Respect in the Workplace Policy to ensure there are clear zero-tolerance guidelines around racism, bigotry, microaggressions, and xenophobia. All team members will be required to read, understand and sign off on this policy. 


Update our Recruitment, Training and Employee Growth Processes

  • By December 2020, the following will be completed: 
    • Annual employee engagement survey conducted by a third party, with an expanded section on inclusivity and diversity.
    • Anti-racism onboarding module
    • Expanded recruitment process with dedicated support for hiring managers via our newly established People & Culture department


Commit to Monetary Donations and a Long-Term Giving Platform 

  • By December 2020, we will have donated a minimum of $10,000 towards anti-racism causes across North America.
  • We have supported the following organizations thus far: The Loveland Foundation, Get Fresh Daily, Naaya Wellness, New Leaf Foundation, Black Lives Matter - Toronto, Black Lives Matter - Vancouver, Pura Vida Yoga Center - Student Scholarship, Prison Yoga Project, Water First, Indigenous Perspectives Society. 
  • In order to facilitate further donations in 2021 and beyond, we will establish a giving platform dedicated to ensuring that wellness practices are safe, accessible and inclusive in communities everywhere. 


Evaluate Product and Seasonal Storytelling 

  • By November 2020, we will perform a Product Marketing Audit to ensure the positioning and communication of our products is culturally respectful and relevant.


Amplify Marginalized Voices in the Wellness Space  

  • We will use our platforms to amplify the experiences of BIPOC community members in the yoga and wellness space. 
  • As we continue to build out meaningful and impactful content, we are committed to showcasing our diverse wellness community through fresh photography and seasonal campaigns. 
  • By September 2020, we will relaunch our Ambassador Program with a more holistic approach to amplifying voices in wellness. We will expand beyond the practice of yoga and share the work, stories, inspiration and voices of various communities across the globe. We are committed to onboarding ambassadors who are a driving force behind change in the wellness space, who are using their platforms and voices to support the healing of underrepresented communities. 


If you are interested in sharing feedback, suggestions or resources please email: Please note, we have zero tolerance for bigotry, xenophobia, and racist comments. We thank you for joining us in our commitment to active, anti-racist work and look forward to creating change alongside you.