For B Yoga, community has always been at the heart of our business. The ambassador program for B Yoga is a way to for us to connect and work with those teachers and studio owners in the community, who like us, are spreading their love, knowledge and passion for yoga all over the world.

- the B Team

Who qualifies?

Yoga instructors (minimum 200 hour certification) and studio owners

How the program works

B Yoga ambassadors will receive a custom code for online purchases intended for their personal use only. With the code, ambassadors will receive a gift of 50% off their online purchases (up to a maximum $300 retail value) each year during their tenure as an ambassador. We also offer a cross promotion for your studio or service via our social media channels.


Just send us your digital info in this form and we’ll give you a digital shout out. In exchange, we request a testimonial in the form of at least one photo and a minimum 150 words of which we have the right to use on B Yoga’s digital channels as we choose (e.g. an instagram or blog post). We look forward to hearing from you! The B Yoga team

Yes! I would like to receive special ambassador offers and the latest B Yoga updates in my inbox (we use this sparingly, we promise!)