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B CALM Eye Pillow - Regent Park Limited Edition
B CALM Eye Pillow - Regent Park Limited Edition
B CALM Eye Pillow - Regent Park Limited Edition

B CALM Eye Pillow - Regent Park Limited Edition

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B Yoga and the Regent Park Sewing Circle has teamed up to bring you this NEW limited edition lavender scented B CALM Eye Pillow. 

With every purchase you are supporting and contributing to the Regent Park's Sewing Circle's initiative to provide participants with the following: 



SEWING SKILLS — Learning how to plan a project, sketch and pin the plan, operate a sewing machine, hand-stitch, and solve any problems along the way.

A SOCIAL NETWORK — To build a community and sense of belonging through a mutual hobby and passion as well as grow possible entrepreneurial opportunities.

SUPPORT — A safe space for members to chat and seek resources about any personal and professional problems as well as providing a space for reconfirmation by community members.

SELF-CONFIDENCE — Build and increase one’s self-confidence through learning new skill sets, teaching valuable skills, and practicing one’s English. Furthermore, it recognizes that community members already withhold valuable skills and knowledge.


Threading together people of the community, the Regent Park Sewing Circle is a collective of men and women of all ages and cultures, who join together to create sewing projects.



Heating Instructions: Remove the cover before heating the eye pillow. Lay flat in microwave and heat for 30-40 seconds. Test the temperature on the inside of your arm before use.

Tip: To re-invigorate the sensational lavender scent, scrunch pillow in your hands.

Contents: Fill – lavender grown in France, organic wheat berry grown in Canada.

Case made in Toronto, Canada. Interior pillow made in Burnaby, Canada. 

B CALM Eye Pillow - Regent Park Limited Edition