The B BLANKET is made of ethically sourced 100% ring spun cotton in Denizli, Turkey. The careful fibre selection and hand woven construction makes this blanket not only cozy and soft but also durable and versatile. This blanket can be rolled up for support behind the knees in savasana, behind the back in a gentle heart opener or under the knees in a kneeling camel. Open it up wide and it can be placed over the body in Yoga Nidra or savasana for added warmth and grounding.

Colours: Warm Beige or Cool Black

Dimensions Warm Beige: 185 cm x 235 cm

Dimensions Cool Black: 170 cm x 240 cm

Note: The Warm Beige has a slightly heavier weight than the Cool Black. Pick your fave!

Washing instructions: Cold water wash. Machine Dry. No fabric softener. No bleach.